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Generate leads for your business and build raving fans 

fits your lifestyle

So you can run your business efficiently

Without social media taking over your life!

You know you have to show up on social media for your business but...

  You’re confused by fluff the marketing “gurus” are bombarding you with because it isn’t relevant to you

  You don’t stay consistent because you are busy with family and running your business so you just can’t keep up.

  You have so many ideas in your head, but don’t know how to turn them into an actionable plan

Now you feel stuck, overwhelmed and maybe even ready to give up!

What you really desire is...

   A personalized plan that seamlessly fits into your life without missing a beat

   To create content that is inspiring, creative, and reflects who you are as an individual and business owner

   To stop feeling bogged down by the constant pressure to be on all the time and do everything.

Are you telling yourself…

 “I’m not able to show up consistently on social media”

 “I’m have no time to do it all”

 “I can’t keep up with engaging with my community.”

 “I don’t get the algorithm.”

I hear you loud and clear, because I’ve been there…

I didn’t have a plan that fit around my busy life as mom of three

I ended up spending more time trying out other people’s strategies

But it didn’t work for who I am

And we know…

We are each unique individuals with different lives.

We only have 24 hours in a day like everyone else.

You try out random strategies that don’t relate to you or your business

And it’s costing you time, money and your mental health

You deserve better…and there is another way

You deserve to work with someone that understands what it means to be a mompreneur juggling millions of things

I can help you build a strategy that fits your lifestyle as a parent and business owner 

(And even help you manage your presence if you choose)

Find YOUR Groove, Find YOUR Rhythm
And dance to YOUR OWN social media beat!


Showing up in a way that’s true to yourself and your lifestyle

Having a simple plan that doesn’t lead to burn out

I gotchu girl!

Getting your time back to run your business and live your life 

Having fun and loving the process of marketing on social!

Prathima, simply put, is a social media rising star. In the short time we’ve worked with her, we’ve seen an increase in metrics, received incredible feedback from our community, and have hit our goals for this month. She’s hardworking, precise, thorough, creative, and just a joy to work with!


House of Puff

She has helped my startup get going in a few days with a ready brand guide and an effective IG/Fb strategy. Her confidence in me has made me push myself and I’ve truly enjoyed working with her. Prathi has a very good understanding on the customers need and vision and she flawlessly put that into reality


The Stroller Club

How exactly will we make this happen?


We’ll unravel your brand personality, values, culture + hone in on your ideal social media message and content themes – this is the core to building your presence


Design a strategy for social media content creation, planning, scheduling, engagement, sales and insights to achieve your business goals


You’ll learn how to deliver content consistently to social media channels, engage with target audience to build trust (or have me do it!)


You’ll learn how to look at insights and pivot your strategy if needed (or have me do it!)

Bottom line…You’ll get clarity, have a strategy, and plan to execute for many months without losing your mind!

Working with Prathima was an amazing experience, not just professionally but emotionally. Her ability to connect with people in a world full of machines is uniquely hers. She definitely delivered more than expected. I would definitely recommend her.

Yvonne – Business Coach

Prathi Collective is such a wonderful experience for a newbie like me. Prathima went over all the details with patience and expertise and motivated me to venture into new areas of my small business. Thank you for all your help.

Nirmala – Fashion Designer

What can we say about Prathima? She is absolutely the best at Social Media. We thought Social Media was doing some Tiktok dances and wait for the customers to start rolling in!! She really understands the science behind Social (and trust me, there is a science) and is very warm and understanding. She's a pleasure to work with and has delivered great results for our business. We whole heartedly recommend her for anything and everything social!

Mita – Dentist

Following our strategy meeting, about tips on how to define your Target audience and taking one small step at a time, I felt confident. Her accommodating demeanor just made it so easy for me to open up about who I really want to serve. Which is the core of everything. A huge thank you!

Vani – Mindfulness Coach

There are 3 ways you can work with me

Get started and Rock Social Media in 3 simple steps!

Book a Clarity Call

Book your 60-minute clarity call for $97. Choose a day and time that works best for you. This is fully refundable if we move forward.

Unravel Your Goals

During our call, we’ll unravel your marketing goals and challenges, and create a plan to move forward.

Pick Your Package

Based on your goals and budget, we’ll pick or customize the right package that fits your life and execute it. Or you can decide not to move forward.

But wait a minute…who’s Prathi?

Short Story

Hey there! So I got laid off not too long ago from my corporate job.

With a growing family I took up a side gig in network-marketing that I didn’t know would change me forever!

Realizing that there were tons of other independent consultants selling the same products and services I was, I knew I had to stand out…but how was I supposed to?

I discovered my unique way of marketing myself and my business that was authentic to me.

Today I help business owners do the same.

I help you develop a plan to showcase yourself to the world so you can have more impact and stay true to who you are.

My approach to social media comes from being a mom and business owner at the same time.

It has given me a true perspective on working with what you have and appreciating the fact that you don’t have to do it all to see big results with social media marketing!

I take a holistic approach to understanding your business goals, time management goals and work backwards from there.

My goal is to help you create a plan that allows you to enjoy marketing your brand on social media and not compromise your mental health and personal time.

This is for you if…

 You’re a business owner who believes in having a customized marketing strategy for your business

You’re done with the generic fluff and need a sustainable plan 

You have a proven product or service that people are buying

This is not for you if…

Your biggest goal is to get 10k followers in 1 month

You’re starting your business and haven’t nailed down your brand vision

You’re not ready to play the long game (social media is not a short-term fix for your business)

Frequently asked questions

How will this work?

Virtually! No matter where you are in the world, we can figure out what’s holding you back from marketing your brand’s true personality. All via zoom calls.

What is the difference between the clarity call and the packages?

The clarity call helps shine light on the challenges of your business. The packages are different ways we can work together to create and execute your personalized strategy to easily overcome those challenges.

What makes you different?

I understand where you’re at. I’m a mom of 3, business owner like you. I’m there along on the journey, but I’ve also learned the best lessons that I can share with you so you can stop wasting time and simplify your social media

What if we’re not the right fit for each other?

Whether we work together or not, you will get a clear picture on your next steps from our Clarity Call

I'm not a MOMPRENEUR. Can I still work with you?

Heck yes cool If you’re a business owner ready to scale, I’m ready to work with you.

Your Time is Now!

There are a handful of clients I work with every quarter.

Book that call and let’s get groovin’!