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Liberate yourself shifting from feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and stuck on social media to feeling more organized, empowered, and unstoppable so you can grow your business without sacrificing your precious time!

Count me IN!

Before I tell you about this community, let’s make sure you’re a good fit!


If you are…

A Visionary Business Owner who already has some success and understands the power of your business. But you also know that not maximizing your online presence is like leaving money on the table.

An Authentic Entrepreneur, Course Creator, or Coach and tired of the same old “one-size-fits-all” advice like “just post more” or “use this trending audio”. You crave a marketing strategy that’s as unique and dynamic as you are.

An Impact-Driven Service Provider who’s tired of trading time for money fully aware it’s not the path to substantial impact, and ready to scale your influence and see real movement.

You’re exactly where you need to be!

Chai Social Club isn’t just about learning; it’s about evolving – from being ‘just another business’ to becoming a social media powerhouse.

The community will give you the guidance, tools, and support to turn Confusion into Clarity and Strategy into Success. 

In this community

you will…

Master the Art of Marketing

having crystal-clear clarity on exactly who your audience is and how to communicate with them in a way that resonates deeply while also standing out as an expert in your area.

Unlock Your Creative Genius

even if you’re a tech novice, have never dabbled in design, or haven’t recorded a single video, you’ll discover the joy of effortless content creation.

Craft Your Personalized Social Media Plan

and developed a streamlined, effective social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and feels refreshingly manageable.


Transform Your Social Media Approach

stepping into a new realm of confidence and control over your social media presence. You’ll learn to navigate beyond the anxieties of algorithm changes and focus on what truly matters.


What we’re doing helped me kind of break out of the mold of what everybody else was telling me I had to do to grow on social and connect me with my why.

“I felt so frustrated because I knew posting consistently on social media was something that I needed to be doing to get the word out about my business, to build brand awareness and to connect with clients. But I couldn’t figure out how to organize my materials and my messaging so that I could do it and consistently. When I joined Chai Social club, immediately I benefited from content calendars that provided me with a wealth of ideas and Prathima’s very accessible explanations of why and what we’re doing.“


Dating & Relationship Coach

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Count me in!

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Prathi was so helpful when I started my business in 2021 after having my second baby. I was ovewhelmed with how to create in a way that I could handle and she really provided guidance. She gave me ideas, shared a visual organization and focused me on where my attention and efforts should be. Her tips on her socials still guide me today!”


Spanish with Sandy

“when she opened up the chai social club, I knew it was a good fit. She is so open, so encouraging. She’s available, and also, it’s just nice to have somebody to support your journey, especially when social media, there’s so many platforms, which apps to use, and she will give you the lay down, she won’t sugarcoat it. And it’s been so nice to have her as my resource instead of having that, responsibility put on myself to figure out social media when, I’m also working full time, and, I’m a mom full time, obviously!


Nurse Career Coach

“the benefits that I have got and the knowledge that I got past one year, past everything that I had known earlier, started up with about 9000 followers. My business was doing well. But now after following many of the great tips and exercises and all, all that I have learned from Prathi have helped me to gain more than another 2000 followers!”


Threads By Nirmala

What’s Inside

Chai Social Club?

Weekly Content Prompts + LIVE Content Planning sessions

I’ve worked with business owners, service providers, and product-based businesses in over 10 different industries, mastering the art of researching various target markets to be able to create content that speaks to their hearts and their needs.

I send out weekly content prompts ideas I see on various platforms. I give you tips on how to create the content so it saves you time!

Then, in our Weekly planning sessions, you get to co-work and plan out your next week’s content, ask for feedback live, and get inspired by other ideas!

Quarterly Masterclasses

If you’re DIYing your marketing, we’ll set you up for success with the opportunity to develop various skills to make social media a breeze.

Based on feedback from members we offer masterclasses and interactive workshops that will help you level up!


Past Events:
  • “High-converting Carousels”
  • “Tackling the Tech when Creating & Editing Short Form Videos”
  • “Let’s Make a Lead Magnet”
  • “Clear the Clutter”

Access to All Paid Courses & Events

As long as you are a member, you can go through any of the paid courses, and attend paid events that are offered to the public (including replays!)

And you will have access to any future courses we provide!


Courses currently inside:
  • The Simple Social Media Formula the step-by-step program to create an approachable and simple social media strategy that actually works for your business
  • The Simple Content Planner Bundle – learn how to create content that actually moves the needle for your business and stay organized while doing it!

Members-only community space & DMs

Never get left behind with our private, student-only Circle community get feedback, keep up with social media updates, and get moving in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

You can also DM me inside the platform to get quick answers!

Enroll in Chai Social Club Today

I’m in…like yesterday!

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Got your burning questions covered…

How is this membership different from others?

Most of the other memberships focus on one platform or one content format (like Reels) and tell you how to create content for that. But I wanted to dive into the real reason why many business owners don’t find the success they want with social media.

It wasn’t about JUST coming up with ideas and creating the content.

It’s about nailing the essentials to marketing your business authentically – like understanding how your target audience thinks and behaves. How to translate that into content that you love creating and helps you hit your business goals. And creating a plan of action that works around your lifestyle and personality (not working your life around social media!)

Plus you’ll see the amazing growth when you actually learn from other business owners on a similar journey!

And creating systems around marketing so you can scale your efforts and even learn how to hire the best people to support your growth!

No matter if you’re just starting to post, or if you’re ready to scale beyond 1 platform, this membership will support you!


I'm pretty sure my niche is clear and content is aligned with my audience, but sometimes I have doubts. Will we get tips on how to make sure our messaging/content are aligned?

Business owners try to push content out online so that they can tick a box or fill a quota.

Inside the membership. you have access to The Simple Social Media Formula course where you’ll learn my signature content strategy framework that will help you feel good about what you’re putting out there in a way that feels authentic to you, your business, your values, and your mission.

You will learn how to communicate with them in a way that resonates deeply while also standing out as an expert in your area.

Who is this membership not for?

It’s not for someone who’s priority is to go viral, or get fast results without doing the work.

What’s included in the membership ?
  • Weekly LIVE Content Planning sessions where you can plan out your week(s) content using my curated content ideas and learn what worked well from others
  • Quarterly Masterclasses to help level up your marketing skills (with guest speakers coming this summer!)
  • Templates and Resources to make social content creation easier and save you time
  • Access to all courses, workshops
  • Members-only community space & real time chat app

The community is built on the best course & community platform — Circle. Think of Circle as a combination of Facebook Groups and Slack Channels!

What's a rough idea of the time and schedule commitment needed to get the most out of this membership?

Chai Social Club is designed to be a resource, not something you check off a tasklist

If you spend time leveraging the resources (templates, content prompts) you will get the most out of it. But if you simply use Chai Social Club as a place to get inspiration, get unstuck, or ask for feedback on content, you’re going to get a lot out of it!

You don’t have to dedicate hours per week to Chai Social Club, but I bet you’ll choose to spend more time inside than you think!

If I cancel, can I rejoin again?

Yes you can, as long as we do not see questionable behaviours (like joining just to poach clients, copy resources that you sell on your own, etc).

You will also have to join at the current price.

I still have more questions...

If you’re thinking “This sounds like just what I need, but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

Chai Social Club is PERFECT for you if…

You’re the person who wants to do social media right, not just hack it to see fast results

You’re the person already struggling to have a consistent flow of content who wants to fix it once and for all

You’re not afraid to put in the work so you can save time in the future

You want to find that authentic way of selling your offers with ease

You’re aware that you can reduce your time spent on social media activities if you got more streamlined

You’re ready to take the actions needed to generate consistent quality leads using social

What if you made social media work for you?

students taught

years in marketing


Hey hey! I’m Prathi!


I can’t wait for you to join

Chai Social Club!


Social media isn’t magic. But it is a powerful tool that allows you to scale your brand presence and ability to impact more people.

And I truly believe that you don’t have to post every day, or have 10k followers to grow your business.

It took me a long time (over 5 years) to realize this. I don’t want you to wait that long! 

I come in as a 3-time business owner with over 15 years of design and tech experience. I’ve been on Facebook business pages since 2008, Instagram since it’s iconic filter days. 

I’ve taught social media to our next generation of entrepreneurs at FIDM Los Angeles in the Digital Marketing department.

Previous clients have been featured in Elle, Forbes, and Orange County Business Journal to name a few.

I’ve worked with small to mid-sized brands in the healthcare, wellness, parenting, coaching, and even regulated industries – online and brick & mortar. We’ve reached over 4 million people!

So friend, social media can work for you too!

Most importantly, being a mom and business owner has given me a true perspective on working with what you have.

I’m passionate about business owners like you getting intentional about social media to save time, see max ROI, and grow a business without losing your sanity.

I’ll teach you how to delight your audience, bring in new customers, and finally enjoy showing up on social (without feeling the need to chase the followers or be online all day!)

You can make it happen, and I can’t wait to cheer you on as you become unstoppable on social media!




Enroll in Chai Social Club Today

Yup. I need it.

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