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Prathima Venkatesan
Social Media Strategist

Hi, I’m Prathi! I wanna let you know that it’s never too late to up your game on social media. It’s the small steps that help make a big impact.

Who is Prathi?

The short version

I’m a former Software Engineer and User Experience Designer who lead design at top tech companies. All the while, starting her own side businesses learning how to market and utilize social media to grow them in a sustainable way.

But more than that…

I’m a Mom to my three kids, wife to an amazing guy, and passionate about teaching everyday business owners how to feel confident in showing up on social media as their amazing selves.

And here’s the whole story…


Growing up as a child in the Midwest, not being around a lot of people who look like me (aka brown and of Indian background), made me hold back my true self.

This caused me to be extremely shy. I never felt confident about communicating or speaking in public because I would worry about what others would think of me and make even more fun of who I was.

I felt this all throughout high school as well, but when I got to college, something else happened – I met a lot more people who looked like me but from different parts of the world, and YET, I still didn’t fit in and had trouble communicating or being myself.

Something had to change. I had to find ways to explore my personality and interests and find a way to communicate in a confident way…

Fast forward a few years.

After getting married to someone who enjoyed dancing as much as me, I explored performing on stage more after doing it a few times in college. 

Together, my husband and I started a performing arts + dance company that was my first business and we ran for 8 years!

Little did I know, I was a natural performer, teacher, and storyteller. But I was still not fully comfortable in my own skin or proud of my quirks and goofy personality.


And then I found network marketing.

I decided to explore side gigs that gave me more balance as a mom and a professional. That’s when I was invited to look at a network-marketing opportunity that I didn’t know would change me forever!

Realizing that there were tons of other independent consultants selling the same products and services I was, I knew I had to stand out…but how?

I started sharing my journey of running a biz around my family and how much confidence I had gained in my own skin, from inside -> out. 

As I grew my business, I was also asked to speak at local events, on our company’s virtual platform, and teach other consultants about growing our businesses using social media.

I embraced my eagerness to try new things, perform, teach, and bring out people’s confidence.

I would constantly get messages from people I haven’t even met in person, but see my social media posts and tell me…

“I just wanted to tell you that your post made me smile.”
“I so needed to hear that message today.”

This made me realize that I had something to share that people needed to hear and I just had to embrace my story, my journey and my skillset. People would also constantly ask me…

“How can I be as confident as you on social media?”
“Can you show me how to edit that video?”
“How do you make your pics look so good?”

That’s when the light bulb went on. This is when I truly knew the power of authentic story-sharing using social media while honing in on my past skillset.

So I went full-steam and completely committed to teaching social media strategy to business owners.

I’m so proud to help them (and you!) have fun with social media while growing their business without losing your own unique voice.

My approach to social media.

Being a mom and business owner at the same time has given me a true perspective on working with what you have and appreciating the fact that you don’t have to do it all to see big results with social media marketing!

I take a holistic approach to understanding your business goals, time management goals and work backwards from there.

My goal is to help you create a plan that allows you to enjoy marketing your brand on social media and not compromise your mental health and personal time.

If you’re ready to take this approach with your marketing, then let’s chat ASAP!

My Values & Beliefs

Connect with Transparency

My relationship with you is my focus. I want to be able to serve you by understanding what you need and how I can help, and being transparent about what will work and what won’t.

Empower by Educating

My aim is to teach what I’ve learned no matter where I learned it from. My experience as a parent, as a professional working in corporate, as a small business owner, as someone who was dead shy before and now loves public speaking…it all matters.

Unleash Creativity

Everyone has a creative bone, and I want to explore this with you. My goal is to get you comfortable creating and experimenting with marketing your business and yourself.

Nurture Trust

I will show up to help you understand social media marketing if you show up to do the work to see results. It’s a two-way street where we both need to put in the effort

Focus on Essentialism & Sustainability

My goal is to find the right tasks that need to be done so that we can create processes and systems for social media marketing that are sustainable. Not short-lived or overwhelming that you lose your mind. But long-lasting so you can grow with confidence.

Strive to Have Fun

I strive to help you enjoy the process of marketing your brand on social! You don’t have to dance or do crazy trends if it doesn’t align with your brand, but you will have fun and make people smile!