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Client Love

“As a founder, mom, and working parent, I’ve always juggled multiple roles and responsibilities. Having Prathima has our social media manager on board for the past year has made a world of difference. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in helping us grow our reach, refine our social media strategy, and significantly expand our online presence. One aspect that truly stood out was her commitment to providing helpful, in-depth reports. These reports have been invaluable to our team and continue to guide our decisions to this day. Their insights and analytics have been a game-changer, allowing us to make informed choices and stay on top of our social media game.”

Kristina, House of Puff


“With her support, I’ve been able to balance my roles as a founder, mom, and working parent more effectively.”

“I think of her as our social media scientist.”

“Prathima has been awesome from the start. Although we are consumers of social media we didn’t understand the “science” behind it. It’s not just randomly throw up a photo with some hashtags and wait for the customers to walk in!!!
She has done a great job from start to finish in managing the account and also making sure the content is tied to our brand messaging! I think of her as our social media scientist. Highly recommend for any one getting started with SM!!”

Dr. Mita, Trooth & Smiles



“She is extremely knowledgeable about social media and has helped personalize and grow my health and fitness brand. Prathi has such a great eye – her photography skills, color play, and viewpoint are a level above so many others. I’m so grateful I have her guidance and her experience in this space to grow and expand my business.”

Melissa, XO Life

She really listens to what you have to say and incorporates your personality into her work.”

Prathima is highly skilled at strategizing and executing creativity as well as content.”

“She is very adept at putting the entire social media management together in a coherent and consistent manner. She has helped my startup get going in a few days with a ready brand guide and an effective IG/Fb strategy. What I like most about her though is her authenticity, integrity and commitment to projecting the true essence of a brand. She is hard working, honest, true to herself, and highly committed to her customers.” 

San, The Stroller Club


As a business owner of 17 years I have watched the social media market expand and wondered how to get in on the action. I knew I needed to get in on the growth but didn’t really know how to do it the right way. I truly believe that working with her has opened the door for me to step out there and be confident about the message and image I am presenting to the world through social media. Thanks for helping me take that leap!”

Steve, Brooks Financial Associates

“Her personal touch to my project made the journey into the social media world exciting and enjoyable!”

Prathi is an absolute ROCKSTAR graphic designer and video editor!!

She got thrown in the deep end at Darby Days Digital Marketing and absolutely crushed it the first time around. She follows instructions to a tee, needs little guidance, and gets the job done quickly and professionally. So thankful to have her on the team and I will be using her services for as long as I can!

Darby, Darby Days


Community Love

“Working with Prathima was an amazing experience, not just professionally but emotionally. Her ability to connect with people in a world full of machines is uniquely hers. She definitely delivered more than expected. I would definitely recommend her."


"I’m finally scrolling through reels... thanks for pushing me into a new social space!"


"Following our strategy meeting today, thanks to prathima about tips on how to define your Target audience and taking one small step at a time, I felt confident to update my Bio. Her accommodating demeanor just made it so easy for me to open up about who I really want to serve. Which is the core of everything. A huge thank you."


"I appreciate you patiently walking me through the steps. It was eye opening to find out what goes on behind the scenes in order to have a professional social media presence. Your strategies were easy to follow and made it very clear what my next steps were throughout the process."


"you are making this much more approachable for me, and that is what I needed most!"


“Her confidence in me has made me push myself and I've truly enjoyed working with her. Prathi have a very good understanding on the customers need and vision and she flawlessly put that into reality."