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Social Media Management ServiceS

Are you saying to yourself…

I’m having trouble showing up consistently on social media. I haven’t seen growth in a long time.

I can’t keep up with engaging with my community. I can’t stay on top of all the features and trends on social media.

Working with an experienced social media manager can help you get your time back so you can do what you do best, run your business! I’ll help take the content creation and marketing, community engagement and manage your presence on the platform so you can grow a loyal following and fan base! One less thing to worry about!

Here’s what we’ll do…


Define your business goals so we can align our social media content, growth, and engagement to the bigger picture.


Design an overall strategy for social media content creation, planning, scheduling, engagement and insights. Create biweekly content calendars.


Deliver content consistently to social media channels, and manage relationships with your community to build trust, bring in leads, and boost sales.


Based on data, adjust our strategies and continue implementing what works to see consistent growth that is sustainable.

Real Results

* Results are not guaranteed and may vary*


Monthly investment for social media management begins at $2,500 per month, per platform and includes video marketing.

Customized Strategy & Consultation

Are you asking yourself…

Where do I start? Why aren’t people engaging with my content? How do I increase my brand awareness? I don’t know how to tell if what I’m doing is working

Working with an experienced social media strategist can get you these answers so you feel confident to get up and going, or even push yourself to the next level! We’ll hone in on the ideal customer message + design a custom strategy to achieve your business goals. You’ll get clarity, have a strategy, and a plan to execute for many months.

What you get :

  • Complete social media + content audit of your account 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Complete Done-For-You social strategy including growth, content, engagement, and sales strategy + tactics for your business to achieve your business goals
  • Customized plan and a content calendar of ideas that tackle various stages of the customer journey
  • Custom recommendations on resources and tools to make your marketing easier
  • 30 min check-in call after 30 days


group Coaching & Community

Are you asking yourself…

What am I doing wrong? Why am I not growing my account or sales? How can I get support when I get stuck?

It’s no surprise that there are so many people who are feeling alone and lost in the world of running a business and using social media. There’s a ton of noise and misinformation, that it can be overwhelming and confusing.


Best for pre-launch & solopreneurs of small to medium sized businesses 

Enter…Chai Social Club

It’s your private community so you can start feeling more supported and learn to do the few right things for you to see results faster, rather than doing a bunch of wrong things and getting nowhere by yourself!

What you get :

  • Group Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Community Feedback
  • Real talk while having chai! (or coffee!)


Community Love

“Working with Prathima was an amazing experience, not just professionally but emotionally. Her ability to connect with people in a world full of machines is uniquely hers. She definitely delivered more than expected. I would definitely recommend her."


"I’m finally scrolling through reels... thanks for pushing me into a new social space!"


"Following our strategy meeting today, thanks to prathima about tips on how to define your Target audience and taking one small step at a time, I felt confident to update my Bio. Her accommodating demeanor just made it so easy for me to open up about who I really want to serve. Which is the core of everything. A huge thank you."


"I appreciate you patiently walking me through the steps. It was eye opening to find out what goes on behind the scenes in order to have a professional social media presence. Your strategies were easy to follow and made it very clear what my next steps were throughout the process."


"you are making this much more approachable for me, and that is what I needed most!"


“Her confidence in me has made me push myself and I've truly enjoyed working with her. Prathi have a very good understanding on the customers need and vision and she flawlessly put that into reality."